Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. I will take on most types of work. I have recently undertaken projects such as writing the subtitles for a whole film, to translating brochures and marketing materials, and even wedding and other event speeches.

Translation turnaround time will vary not only according to the size of the project, but also depending on the complexity of the subject and the linguistic complexity. Generally, a good translator translates an average of around 1500 words per day but this will largely depend on the degree of technicality of the content to be translated. The best thing is to send me the text so I can quickly figure out how much time I need to complete the translation and quickly let you know. I will always give you my best estimate and am punctilious about meeting deadlines. Be careful if you are promised a very quick turnaround time by someone, as either it may not actually happen, or the quality of the translation will be compromised!
First of all, it is important to understand that translation is a complicated exercise; it is not a question of just translating the words, but their meaning in context, and for that, one must master perfectly the nuances and subtleties of the target language. This is only possible when a translator is working towards his/her native language. This avoids the blunders and inaccuracies that are usually glaring in the translations made by non-native speakers. That having been said, my English is pretty good, and if you have a French text, and would like to get a general understanding of it and the key points, I will often be prepared to give it a go – but be aware it will not be a top quality English text.
Yes - absolutely. I undertake to respect the confidentiality of all the documents you entrust to me.
Possibly if it was something highly technically specific that I felt was beyond my competence in French, I might advise you to approach a specialist in the area. I will also not undertake translation of texts that are potentially illegal or hateful.